Welcome to my website. I'm Alissa, an independent high class companion. I can meet you for discreet liaisons in London, Paddington and South Kensington areas. I hope you will enjoy visiting my site and getting to know me and that ultimately, you will decide to indulge in an intimate evening together.

I am exclusively available for gentlemen looking for a companionship of a beautiful lady with a sensual edge, and appreciating a quality time spent with an exceptional lady of style and substance.

I love to laugh and my sharp wit usually wins over the most jaded of men who have seen and done it all before...When you need to escape from the corporate life of mergers, takovers and board meetings, you will find with me the ultimate relaxing refuge...

I am a cosmopolitan well educated woman with a vibrant smile and a warm infectiouss playfulness, radiating femininity and a sensual aura. My spontaneous and passionate nature is best reflected in my love of international travel, world cuisine, fine wine and mutually stimulating company.

I am always attired in a fashionable and elegant manner, punctuated with a chic and sophisticated edge. Whether our engagement involves a night on the town or a relaxing evening at your five star hotel, I take great delight in dressing up according to your wishes.

Please find below some more details about me:
Alissa Rose Alissa Rose
Alissa Rose Alissa Rose


While making love or just afterward, have you ever wondered: Isn´t there more than just this?

Adventure into the world of Gourmet Erotica; a pleasurable journey with much more to enjoy than just a heated rush to climax.

Rediscover intimacy, sensuality and pleasures beyond your wildest dreams without shame and guilt.

Experiment the sex secrets that will transform your life.

The best way to start is to choose an approach you feel is most enjoyable for you.

Rediscover your Body and Senses.

We are born ecstatic, but in growing up, we lose this sense of flow. Feel this sense of wonder and innocence again. It is your turn to receive pleasure.

Maybe this is something you always wanted but never dared to ask. Maybe for the first time in your life, you have a chance to just receive pleasure.

I will take you on a surprise journey and direct the show.

What could it be? Allow my skilled touch to soothe your body. Sensual massage and tender, delicious play will give you as much pleasure as you can absorb and more.

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Everything happens in the right rhythm and at the right speed, starting off very slowly... confident and smooth...

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and let me touch you like you have never been touched before. Let your body and mind melt in my touch.

See how nature runs the show. Feel how silence multiplies your pleasure. Experience erotica full of intimacy and sensuality without words.

Get familiar with sexual techniques of Tantra to multiply your pleasure. What does it take to have one of the best sexual experiences you have ever had?

Join me for hours of pleasure and fun for that special occasion: a professional breakthrough, a business deal, a birthday or simply to celebrate love and life.

I invite you for an intense yet tender and relaxed exploration.

Whether you are at a love-life low point or you are looking to add more spice to your erotica, I will create your own pleasure program.

By special request you will be invited to experience first class quality time on regular basis without the obligations of a traditional relationship.

Experience The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience - a perfect date with a beautiful stranger just for fun. Meet your fantasy girlfriend to relax and enjoy in a safe way.

Explore passionate, tender and loving erotica without fear of attachment. See how in the playful innocence everything is possible.

My powerful sexual role encourages us to fulfill our fantasies in a safe environment without the obligations of a traditional relationship.

Having problems in your relationship? Failing in establishing a new one? The women want to see as a friend but not as a lover?

I will come to resque you and will teach you how to seduce and to pleasure the woman. You will get the keys to the woman's excitment.

When we show our partners what turns us on, and let it turn us on in front of them, they will almost always become aroused as well. It is a surefire way to add another dimension of sexual truth, openness - and therefore trust - to any intimate relating.

Many fantasies are exciting because they allow us to be free to express our sexuality in extreme forms that we would never dream of doing in our actual lives. What people fantasize about is not necessarily what they would like to act out for real. Sharing fantasies can be a crucial way to connect with your own unconscious energies.

You are invited to share my private sexual fantasy just for two.

Learn to tune into the subtle messages of my body and find out precisely how to dedicate yourself to my pleasure.

I invite you for an intense yet tender and relaxed exploration during our session.


I am based in London and can be booked for:

My Fees for London:


Perhaps you would like me join you for an intimate escape to one of the Europe's great cities? I am available for this appointments from 12 hours with additional travel expences.

No credit cards accepted.


I am based in London and available for outcall appointments to first class hotels for your convenience before, during or after normal business hours.

I pre-book my schedule, so I do appreciate your email request with an appointment date and time to be sent in advance. Although I would prefer a 24-hour notice, I can sometimes be available at a shorter notice. For a short notice appointment please email me your contact details with your phone number, so I can reach you asap. Do not forget to email me your reel last name and your room number, if you like me to call you in your hotel.

I prefer all bookings to be made with the booking form however, if you have any questions prior to making a booking, you may send me an email to my personal address alissa@whizzdates.com.